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The Science Behind Assessment Development

The Science Behind Assessment Development


To understand every student’s achievement, one needs to verify and test their knowledge. Test makers emphasize on leveraging different patterns of assessments to identify and understand students and the way they respond to a particular question.


As a test maker, one needs to focus on assembling various items of a concept, find different methods of measurement and data analysis techniques to support smarter tests for students. They tend to use various psychometric theories in order to understand and implement different test patterns and introduce innovative concepts. For example, Item Response Theory, Modern Validity Theory, Causal Modelling, Holistic scoring for validation purposes & various others that most of us probably don’t know about.


Our team of test makers keeps in mind the latest trends of technology and develops it in accordance with students development and environment. Technology-enhanced test items, simulation-based assessments and game-based models are the newer versions of assessments. Along with the traditional, i.e., subjective-type questions, multiple-choice questions, other types of test patterns have been integrated in K-12 curriculum, simultaneously and slowly. The other types include talent assessment & development, performance-task questions, constructed-based response, technology enhanced items, game-based models and evidence-based response.


Throughout the process of assessment development, our team of test makers mainly focuses on

a)    Designing smarter, faster and more efficient tests for k-12 students

b)    Creating systems that more closely measure the work that students and teachers are doing in the classroom.


The process definitely starts with understanding your requirement, considering that it is the most important step of assessment development. We need to know exactly that you need. Next, we move on to recognizing areas of development, such as suggesting new ideas, or strategies. Through rigorous research, we then document the required templates/blueprints for the tests. Thus, developing relevant content follows next. Here’s where our subject matter experts come into action. The questions should definitely be different, but also align with the concept.


The last and final step of the process is quality check and proofreading. Our team of researchers, instructional design specialists, software engineers, psychometricians, content experts, item writers have been working in their own sectors for more than 10 years now. The team of eQOURSE is one of the most experienced ones you’ll find in the country. They’ll create and validate the assessment according to your requirement. Also, we don’t compromise on quality.


We also work towards explaining the students and parents the need for various assessments. Part of our work in assessment development and administration is to help parents, test takers and others to understand the complex standardized testing process of the institutions and the country. Information about educational assessments is publicly available to the parents and answers their doubts related to--

a)    Purpose of standardized testing;

b)    How are they scored?

c)    How should test makers design a test?


At eQOURSE, we ensure that our customers develop a deep understanding of assessments and use our services accordingly. We have the best and most experienced test makers in the country.

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