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Finding the appropriate tutor to meet your learner’s needs or recruiting professionals for your e-learning content development process, we are equipped to empower you with our team of committed experts.

We aim to support e-learning institutions by enabling educators with tools and resources to develop modern pedagogical concepts and efficiently build, share, and connect with other learners.


The Major 7's of Teacher's Training

Professional Learning for Teachers

How to

One of the most important aspect of teaching is the way ...

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Teacher Certification

How to

Education in today's world evolves with each passing ...

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Online Teacher Training

What to

The subject they've mastered and are responsible to teach ...

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Teacher Development Courses


By now, you must've understood how important it is for ...

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Teacher Leadership


For anyone who has never taught, this may seem unimportant ...

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Teacher Coaching

Counselling & advocation students

In a society that highly devalues a student's choices ...

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Teacher Mentoring

Inspire &

A quality that should be present without a doubt. ...

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Teacher Training Workshops

How does eQOURSE help?

At eQOURSE, we provide training to teachers to equip them with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in order for you to recruit them. This makes the whole process easier and teachers can adapt to your institution's requirements effectively without any hassle.

We are consistently recruiting and adding Subject matter experts to our team and training them in a way to polish their skill sets and knowledge to be well suited to the needs of the educational landscape today.