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Self Paced Learning : A New Way to Learn

How do you learn? This is a question we've been asked on many occasions. It depends, we always reply, because it does depend on the individual and their learning style. What we don't often consider though, is that there are different ways to teach too.

Earlier this month, we shared a post, explaining what self-paced learning is.

If you haven’t gone through it, here it is:

Since our traditional days, we’ve all dreamed of improving the education system and bring changes that would give students enough time to understand concepts, basically, a self-paced learning environment.

A self-paced classroom is one where students can complete learning tasks at a speed that’s customized to their personal levels of mastery. This means they may take longer with material they struggle with, skip topics that cover material they already know, or repeat topics as needed (Bray & McClaskey, 2010).

1. Builds self-confidence
2. Differentiates for students’ needs
3. Supports students’ social-emotional needs
4. Supports self-regulation
5. Paves way for mastery-based grading

At eQOURSE, through the Kota Digital Learning Program, we look forward to implementing self-paced learning strategies in our method of teaching various students.

We believe that self-paced learning is one of the best new approaches to teaching in classrooms today. It takes into account what works for students when they are given freedom over how quickly or slowly they understand a particular concept. It differs from other learning methods in that students are able to go at their own pace.

Self-paced learning creates a personalized approach to teaching and learning where all students can learn in an environment that caters specifically to them. Self-paced classrooms have been shown time and again to increase motivation and enthusiasm for both the teacher and student and have helped them learn better.

 There is always much more time for relevance. There is an amazing thing that happens in a classroom when students are able to collect their materials and know where to find additional supplies. They independently engage with technology and content, leaving time for teachers to help them foster their understanding of critical-thinking skills.

 Self-paced learning helps students have a sense of responsibility for their own academics, shows them that educators trust them to design their own learning environment, boosts confidence in their choices and provides teachers with the opportunity to give immediate feedback.

As teachers, we’re usually tired while figuring out the best for our students. This new method of self-paced learning shows us their preferred way of learning.

Self-paced learning truly is a new way of learning. 

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