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Our Story


We started right before lockdown. Tayal Classes, our only Video-Solutions Platform for IIT JEE was booming. At that time, we were also developing content for a few companies. The Edtech industry was revolutionizing rapidly and it still hasn't stopped. With the rise of different platforms, new content strategies developed, and the world shifted to a different base altogether. We had always worked into Curriculum Planning and Content Development.

We realized the challenges faced by an Edtech company while they're developing content or presenting it out in the world: the fact that the content isn't engaging enough; or it doesn't look as standardized as it supposedly should.

We started building new strategies, new content ideas and as elegantly as possible, we were able to achieve our targets. Today, eQOURSE is a downright rational, factual, and comprehensive Edtech platform, that presents a vision for learning and education, driven by technology.

eQOURSE provides strong educational content personalized to meet the needs and interests of our clients. We are dedicated to deliver extraordinary experience in services such as Curriculum planning, Study material development, Academic digital solutions, Teachers’ training for K12, Preparation material for IIT JEE (Main and Advanced)/NEET and other Entrance examinations, Undergraduate level education and consulting overseas. We provide both text and video content in vernacular languages. We also provide well-trained, experienced, knowledgeable and skilled teachers and professionals according to your need within the stipulated time.


Founder's Message


The concepts of e-learning and the edtech industry are successful only in cases when the content delivered is of high-quality. Not every platform with good content rises in the market, but the ones already at the peak, guarantee the delivery of the best content. Why?

Because, along with good content, you need a skilled and work-driven team to increase it’s market value and reach the target audience. My team at eQOURSE, is skilled and the best at what they do. Online learning is not an easy task. You require consistency, discipline and a determination to learn the required skill.

One requires sincerity to ace the target exam through online learning. Along with this, if executed properly, e-learning is effortless, time-saving and a lot cheaper than other methods of learning. E-learning also facilitates and allows a user to understand the same concept from multiple experts.

This way, one can analyse different perspectives and make their roots stronger. However, if not done properly, e-learning might also turn out hectic for a few. With social distractions around us, one can easily drift off from studying. Multiple lectures, sometimes leads to multiple literature.

The deciding factor, however, is again consistency! I'm the founder of an edtech company today and I'm still learning. One can never stop the process of learning if they got the motivation to move forward in their life. And I believe in high-quality learning. Because, after a point, quantity fades.

At eQOURSE, we deliver the best-quality content and curriculum that your students need. Here, we deliver what you need.


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