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Know more about Edge U


Edge-U was awarded Cool Tool Award Winner 2021 for Best Badging/Credentialing Solution as a part of the Edtech Awards. Edge-U is a professional learning system designed by the teachers for the teachers. It adapts according to the needs of the teachers, thus enhancing their potential.


Edge-U already received the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Seal of Alignment for the Educator Standards in February 2020.

Goals of Edge-U

It allows the students to meet their classroom needs by choosing batches to complete. Edge-U is a personalized program, hence enjoyed by the teachers. There are various levels and the points earned in Edge-U program to mark the achievements:

  • Level 1 (50 points) – Initiator is excited to learn and introduce new ideas.
  • Level 2 (51-175 points) – Achiever adopts key learning and implements the new skills.
  • Level 3 (176-225 points) – Engage effectively uses technology to engage students.
  • Level 4 (226-400 points) – Transformer creatively changes classroom dynamics and student engagement.
  • Master Level (401-600 points) – Trailblazer – other educators look to this educator for ideas and inspiration.

There are different types of badges named: Calendar Clever, Gmail Genius, SAMR Samurai, Hyper-docs Handy, Bitmoji BUFF, Google Hangouts Meet, Google docs: Level 1, CANVAS SKILLS: Assignments, Google Drive Guru, etc.

Various pathways

The educators can follow various pathways to earn the badges:

  • The Core Four – This feature includes Chrome Champion, Screenshot specialist, Google Drive Guru, and Incognito Anonymous.
  • New to Google – It is useful if you have just started with the G Suite.
  • Effective Integration – As the name suggests, it effectively integrates theory with technology in the classroom.
  • Collaboration – It collaborates various important tools in the classroom, resulting in effective learning experiences.
  • Student-Centred Learning – It provides various tools to the students to create and display their learning.


There are various Quests along with the Edge-U badges like:

  • Flipgrid Certified Educator – Level 1 – 4 points
  • Read&Write Certification – Level 1 – 8 points
  • Flipgrid Certified Educator – Level 2 – 4 points
  • Google Educator – Level 1 – 12 points
  • Google Educator – Level 2 – 12 points
  • Google Digital Citizenship and Safety Course – 6 points
  • Nearpod Certified Educator – 6 points
  • Screencast Superstar – 5 points
  • Screencastify Genius – 4 points
  • Flipgrid Certified Educator – Level 3 – 8 points
  • Clever Academy Commander – 8 points
  • Apple Teacher Certification – 10 points
  • Lexia Academy – 40 points
  • Book Creative Certified Author – Level 1 – 5 points


Edge-U is a creative tool not only useful to the students as well as to the educators and enhances their teaching. It offers the educators badges to implement the high-impact strategies supported by technology.

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