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Translation and Localisation

By translation, we mean the conversion of content from a source language to a target language. India is a country which is diverse linguistically. Children in rural areas struggle to understand the concepts as they are mostly delivered in English or Hindi, which creates a significant barrier in their path of learning. We believe that every child in the country deserves an equal opportunity for growth.

Hence we are supporting educational institutions as well as NGOs in terms of content in multiple regional languages. The children in rural areas get easy access to education in their own regional language and access to the best quality content which helps them grasp the concept better and creates an equal platform for them in terms of learning.

Website Translation

How does eQOURSE help?

We have created content in more than 8 Indian regional languages and we wish to extend our support and are keen on reaching out more in the education space so that we can be a driving force in the implementation of the Right to Quality Education. We have the expertise and experience to translate your content customised for your localisation needs.

We create as well as translate content in multiple languages. Our translation is done by Subject Matter Experts who are domain experts as well as fluent in the particular regional language and English as well, this way we maintain the authenticity of the content and also keep it error-free. We have an expert team to ensure the formatting, typesetting and copy-editing of the translated content. Also, video translation has its own specific requirements such as regional accent and an appropriate presentation style. We cover it all.

Our scope of localisation work also includes mapping to government-approved curricula and ensuring that the content is culturally appropriate.