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By translation we mean conversion of content from a source language to target language. We at eQOURSE believe that high quality education should be accessible to each section of the society beyond all boundaries and obstacles. And language is one of the barriers that can be omitted with very little effort.


Our Story?


We have successfully translated in more than eight Indian vernacular languages including Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi etc.

We also provide translation services in International languages including German, Spanish, French, Arabic etc. We excel at providing translation services for text as well as video content.

At eQOURSE translation is done by SME and Domain experts who are also native speakers as well as proficient in English. When translating educational content, translation done by domain experts gets an edge in terms of standard and quality as it is being done with the understanding of subject knowledge and the technical aspects of the content.

We have expert team to ensure the formatting, typesetting and copy-editing of the translated content. Also, video translation has its own specific requirements such as regional accent and an appropriate presentation style. We cover it all.


How To Ensure Accuracy of Translation??


The only way we go about ensuring accuracy is multiple quality checks performed by domain as well as language experts.

At eQOURSE, error free content is our highest priority and in order to achieve that we also run Reverse translation test.

Reverse Translation Test

In simple terms, we take a translated document and translate it back into the source language to check if the original translationwas accurate and ensure that its quality is good.

If we find problems, we send the translations back to the original team of professional translators to check so they can find out where the real


How Does eQOURSE Help?

eQOURSE is one of the best language translation services provider dedicated to providing the best results in vernacular language translation solutions at excellent prices.

Our skilled team is capable of working with any set of files and their formats.From step one, our team carefully understands and analyses the source files and client’s expectations.


How do we do it?