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Bridge Course: One Stop Academic Solutions


In the wake of pandemic-induced learning loss, a state government took a bold step towards enhancing the education quality for students across 14 districts. With a vision to bridge the gap and enable students from grades 6 to 12 to thrive academically, the government initiated a bridge course project. At the forefront of this ambitious endeavor were eQOURSE and one of the leading e-learning providers, partnering to develop and execute the project. Together, they sought to create a comprehensive and effective solution that would revolutionize education in the state.

Scope of work

  1. The project was a massive undertaking, covering 217 schools across 14 districts.
  2. The project included developing and delivering comprehensive educational resources, such as worksheets, assessments, lesson plans, student and teacher handbooks, and more.
  3. The educational resources covered a wide range of subjects and grades, including five subjects for grades 6 to 10 and 17 subjects for grades 11 and 12.
  4. The execution of the project required a team of 80 subject matter experts, 30 mentors, 5 English reviewers, 10 proofreaders, 18 DTPs, and a design team of 3.
  5. Despite the immense scope of the project, it was completed within an impressive 45-day timeline.


  1. The project involved the development of 980 worksheets and 186 assessments, totalling 10,590 questions.
  2. A staggering 11 lakh words were translated as part of the project.
  3. The project included the creation of 103 different types of books, consisting of 90,000 student books and 18,285 teacher handbooks.
  4. In total, the project conducted 145 baseline assessments, 170 formative assessments, and 145 endline assessments.


  1. The assessments in the project were divided into three sections: Baseline assessment, Formative assessment, and Endline assessment.
  2. The Baseline assessment consisted of 20 questions per subject, designed to assess the student's existing knowledge. Additionally, worksheets were included with 7 questions, 4 of which were objective and 3 were subjective.
  3. The Formative assessment was conducted during the lesson to evaluate student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress. A total of 5 formative assessments were scheduled after 4 worksheets to check subject knowledge in the middle of the year.
  4. The Endline assessment was conducted to determine the impact of the program and consisted of 20 questions for each subject.

Printing and Delivery

  1. The project involved a large-scale printing and delivery process, using a total of 35 tonnes of paper for printing.
  2. A total of 20 million pages were printed, with 4 million for digital printing and 16 million for web printing.
  3. The delivery covered an average distance of 150 km and was delivered in 2100 boxes.
  4. The printing process used web-fed offset printing technology, known for high-quality output and handling large print runs.
  5. The boxes were packaged and prepared for delivery after printing completion.
  6. The delivery team worked with local transportation companies to ensure on-time delivery in good condition to schools.


  1. The project significantly improved the state's education quality, addressing pandemic-related learning loss and providing students with access to high-quality educational resources.
  2. Collaboration and unwavering commitment to education were the keys to the project's success, serving as a compelling demonstration of the transformative power of teamwork.
  3. eQOURSE's expertise and experience played a crucial role in the project's success, enabling the development of comprehensive educational materials and their efficient delivery to schools throughout the state.
  4. Initial feedback from schools has been overwhelmingly positive, with increased student engagement and updated teaching resources supporting teachers.
  5. The positive impact of the project is expected to benefit students for years to come, representing the beginning of a long-term journey toward improving education in the state.


  1. The collaborative effort of the bridge course project resulted in a remarkable accomplishment that positively impacted education quality.
  2. The project highlighted the value of dedication and collaboration in enhancing education quality.
  3. eQOURSE's development and delivery of comprehensive and efficient educational resources made a significant contribution to improving education quality and supporting students in their learning journey.
  4. The success of the project serves as a compelling example of the positive impact that educational publishing can have on students' lives, particularly during challenging times.

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