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Case Study - 1


A company that has an association with 2000+ Schools in lndia and supplies study material in multiple languages to multiple state boards approached us to develop high level "Worksheets" and "PPT Based Solutions" for classes 1 to 10.


We created multiple high level worksheets each containing 30 questions that exceeded the NCERT+ level. Each question of the worksheet was designed to challenge the Problem solving ability of the student and help them grow. We also created detailed solution of complete exercises of their books in PPT format for different state boards.


The worksheets were very well taken by the schools. It helped the students in improving their performance. Now we are a trusted partner for them to supply quality worksheets. PPT based solutions were helpful for teachers and helped students in coping up with online classes as it saved lot of time due its crisp format.


Case Study - 2


An NGO based edtech startup wanted engaging “Pen-Tab Videos” and Worksheets for classes 5th to 9th in 6 different languages (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi and English).


We created engaging videos in all 6 languages by gathering 30+ subjects from all over the country. The subject matter experts brainstormed on the content together to create content that is simple to understand, engaging and helps students retain what they have learnt.


We delivered the content before deadline to empower our client to execute their dissemination strategy without any hindrances very low cost.


Case Study - 3


In 2020 we were approached by an African Edtech Startup to create content foe Middle School (JSS1, JSS2, JSS3) and High School (SSS1, SSS2, SSS3). They wanted us to create content for a given curriculum and upload it using their CMS. We were also given a deadline of 8 months.


We created the theory of every chapter for each Standard. We used a team of 40+ subject matter experts and academic content creators to brainstorm finalizing the drafts we created highly challenging practice questions. This approach helped us in delivering a complete solution for the client’s content needs.


The simple to understand theory and challenging practice questions were well received by the audience and helped the startup grow its customer base. We delivered the promised content within 6 months so that our client has enough time to prepare the dissemination strategy.