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Parents And Entrepreneurship

All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them. - Walt Disney


We live in times that celebrate entrepreneurship. Faced with a slowdown, underemployment and the need to create more jobs, entrepreneurship is seen as a saviour for our society and economy. We laud entrepreneurial communities and make heroes out of serial entrepreneurs. Even Governments try to get some glory by trying to be entrepreneur and small business-friendly. Anyone who starts or runs a business is referred to as an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs are generally assumed to be risk-friendly, ambitious, innovative and job creators. All good. In general.

The ground reality is a bit different, though, at least in Middle India.

The growth of Indian entrepreneurship is rather slow. In malignancy of all the sweats made in India,‘entrepreneurship has not gained the instigation yet. The most educated middle-class people always prefer jobs either in government sectors or MNCs. In my observation, entrepreneurship is either pursued by the children who have family wealth to invest or traditional business background to follow, and the alternate group is by those who have no other option left with them than starting a petty business like opening a roadside pavilion or shop. But, there's a big gap in between. People are veritably jealous about jobs, they've huge respect for workers. In India, colourful sweats have been made after independence for entrepreneurship development, but the result isn't that satisfactory. In our country, the utmost of the people has an inclination for services and not for business. Unfortunately, our education system doesn’t punctuate the significance of entrepreneurship. The specialized institutes, IITs have come forward in promoting tone- employment conception, promoting startups. Numerous IITians are quitting economic jobs to start their business gambles. Still, it may not be acceptable to prepare new entrepreneurs because of the type of education and training handed. The Indian education system isn't suitable for entrepreneurship growth. Talented minds are prepared to take white collared jobs, join the government or do other private jobs.

There are so numerous reasons why the Indian entrepreneurship script is so grim.

  • Among colourful reasons like common family system, social pressure, India suffers from estate, class, creed and religion system.
  • A traditional society with a traditional mindset frequently creates obstacles on the paths of entrepreneurship growth.
  • Lack of introductory structure installations like raw accoutrements, capital request, transport, lack of technostructure( lack of professional directors, experts, trained labour force) is some of the reasons why entrepreneurship can’t move presto.


But, of all other causes, the confined and traditional mindset of the Indian people, of the parents and youths is the major cause that discourages numerous from taking up entrepreneurial conditioning. Lack of family support, societal pressure are the main reasons that prevent entrepreneurship growth. Parents always prefer their offspring to take up standard 10 to 6 jobs. The only preoccupation to be in a good job, doing jobs only, getting better jobs in the top companies, the anticipation to work for inmulti-national companies, to do government jobs, to born, brought up and die with jobs are the acts of the jobholics which our people love to do. Being jobholics our people can only see, suppose and imagine about doing jobs. I don’t have any problem with the jobs. After all, it gives me and us chuck and adulation. But, occasionally it hurts when we're so largely happy with jobs that if we don’t get jobs we suppose it's better to sit idle at home without thinking of druthers. The parents are also inversely responsible for making their children jobholics. So, the youthful generation can’t imagine or imagine a world without jobs.

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